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    Advantages of Leasing

    Leasing a vehicle means you agree to drive the vehicle for a specified time and mileage and for a certain monthly payment. You only pay for the value portion of the vehicle that you actually use, not for the entire vehicle. You are responsible to license, insure and maintain the vehicle during the lease term just as if you purchase it.

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    Lower Monthly Payments

    Since lease payments are based only on that portion of the vehicle’s value you use during the lease period, payments will always be less when compared to a car loan. Leasing makes economic sense. Over 35% of the new cars and trucks on the road today are leased….and the numbers are increasing. As car prices have sky-rocketed, car loan payments also have sky-rocketed and leasing is a way to hold down monthly payments.

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    How do I know it’s right for me?
    • If you want to drive a newer car every 2-4 years.
    • If you like lower monthly payments compared to buying.
    • You would rather spend, save or invest your money rather than spend it on a down payment.
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    I drive too many miles to lease

    This is a big misconception about leasing. We have many clients that drive over 40,000 miles per year. Talk to us to find the correct answers and advantages to high mileage drivers!

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    But I don’t own it.

    When you have a car loan, you don’t own your car either…until the loan is completely paid off. Then what do you have? You have a partially used-up car with a value that decreases with every day that passes.


In addition, we will remove  the hassle dealing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. As a service to our clients, we will handle all initial BMV transactions associated with leasing your vehicle. From transferring existing registrations to getting new plates, we stand ready to make your taking possession of a new vehicle easy!