Stark Leasing Company, Inc. is an independent automobile leasing company with over 65 years of combined experience in the leasing industry.
Our vision is to provide customers with the best vehicle leasing & sales experience. 

  • Lease All Makes & Models

    We can lease all makes and models and strive
    to find any car you desire!

  • New & Used Vehicles

     We lease new and used vehicles, one of the many reasons
    to get your vehicle at Stark Leasing!

  • High & Low Mileage

     However many miles you drive is not a problem!
    We tailor your lease for high or low mileage.

  • Open and Closed-End Leases

    We offer leases where you turn the vehicle in at the end of your lease or you can buy your vehicle outright!

  • Require NO down payment!

    We do not require any down payment! We want you to have more money in your pocket.

  • Lower your monthly payments!

    We can tailor your lease to fit your needs and have low monthly payments.